Vinyl Stickers

One of the first major sources of business advertising was vinyl stickers. The Avery Corporation was first credited with generating national appeal for stickers that could be applied to various types of surfaces. Vinyl is a durable material created from polyvinyl chloride that is used for plumbing pipes, albums, raincoats and vinyl sheets that are mixed with chemical adhesive to form stickers and other label blanks.

The Many Uses of Vinyl Stickers

Vinyl Sticker

Vinyl Sticker

Custom printed stickers are often associated with branding by businesses and advertisers. The affordability of vinyl makes this type of advertising attractive to large and small businesses. Nonprofit sticker use has increased in the past two decades with organizations that promote fundraising events and special causes to the public. Musicians use printed vinyl to decorate musical instruments and to sell memorabilia at concerts. Many skateboard and snowboard enthusiasts cover boards for practice and competition with vinyl stickers.

College students can have special messages or artwork printed to cover laptop computers or portable devices. Universities use custom printed stickers for team sports artwork. One of the most technological advancements that has progressed the sicker industry is full color printing. A one or two color print was the standard until digital technologies changed the way that printing could be applied to different products such as address labels. Custom stickers have increased in popularity for business and personal use.

The Cost of Vinyl Stickers

Since vinyl sheets must be ordered in large rolls by printing companies, the cost of vinyl stickers is determined in square inches. Stickers that are ordered are usually printed in one large run and the cost is calculated by the size and shape. The length multiplied by the width will determine the total square inches. This information is used by printing companies to determine the total cost to charge. The color of vinyl and the colors used for printing are also used to calculate the total cost.

Vinyl Sticker Buying Tips

Before making a purchase, it is helpful to weigh the cost advantages to printing vinyl compared to other types of materials. Businesses and other industries might decide to use in-house printed labels instead of custom vinyl stickers. Many products that are not exposed to weather conditions work fine for daily use. Vinyl is meant for long-term use and is naturally weather resistant. It is ideal for indoor and outdoor use.

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