Printed Labels

Printed labels make it easy to organize files, boxes and to send mailings. Neat and professional labels are simple to create at home or in the office, and they are essential to creating an organized space. When you use them for address labels, they also save you money and time as hiring a calligrapher or paying your secretary to hand-write each address can be expensive.

Printed Labels

Printed Labels

Self adhesive labels were first developed in the 1930s by R. Stanton Avery. They took the place of printed labels that were attached to products in the early 1880s with a gum. In the 1980s, printers made it possible for people to print their own label blanks at home or work. There was no need to pay a printer to create them or to label everything with a pen anymore. Printed labels have come a long way over the decades, and they have revolutionized how people organize and mail.

Labeling makes it simple to find anything in your business or home. You can label videos, CDs, boxes, bins, shelves and almost any other surface or object. Labels come in several colors and types of paper that enable you to customize your labels. You can also purchase labels in different shapes, such as those for labeling CDs or DVDs or those that allow you to print your own vinyl stickers.

When you use printed labels to mail letters or flyers, you cut the amount of time it would otherwise take you to write all the addresses down significantly. You can choose any font to create your labels, as well as purchase them to match your stationery and the theme of your mailing.

One problem with printed labels is that you may have a difficult time reading the font on them. Sometimes, letters are cut off if the font is too big. Play around with the settings in your labels before you print them all out on one sheet. Make sure that each line of your addresses can be read and that nothing is cut off if you’re printing address labels. If you’re labeling boxes or files, your labels should be readable and not use a font that is in cursive or printed in an ink that is hard to read. You may have to also change the margins on your labels to accommodate the text on your labels if you are using a size for which your word processor does not have a template.

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