Address Labels

Address labels make mass mailings faster and simpler. Any time you need to send out dozens or hundreds of the same letter or brochure, using address labels will save you a significant amount of time and money. You can customize them to match any stationery, and you can avoid having to write each address out by hand.

Address Labels

Address Labels

Adhesive labels have some a long way since their introduction on products as a way to catch buyers’ eyes in the early 1880’s. With the introduction of the ink jet printer in the 1980s and the subsequent invention of the laser printer, people have been using labels for home and business use in growing numbers. Labels for mailings are just some of the many types of printed labels people print at home and in their own business offices. Self-adhesive labels of all types can be printed at home. You could print vinyl stickers from your home printer, for example.

When you must address each envelope in a mass mailing by hand, your handwriting will eventually begin to get worse with each address you write. This makes your envelopes look unprofessional. Self-adhesive label blanks make the process faster and more efficient. In addition, your entire mailing will look professional and neat. Unless you are willing to hire a calligrapher to address each envelope for you and wait the amount of time it takes to get each envelope labeled, you should instead spend a fraction of the cost of hiring one and print the labels yourself.

One problem people have with address labels is not being able to get them to print on the labels correctly. This often occurs when you have some addresses with four lines instead of three, or you are using a custom-sized label for which there is no template in your word processor. Reducing font and moving text slightly one way or the other can help prevent printing problems. Print out a few test labels before you print the whole batch.

Buy a few more labels than you think you’ll need in case you have printing problems. Label prices can vary significantly. The type and color of paper it is printed on, the number of sheets of label per box, and the shape of a label each play parts in determining price. The options you have available for labels mean you can customize your labels to match the themes of each mailing.

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